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Pack Pass 2024

Run With the Pack!

Want to experience a year full of outdoor adventures unlike any other? Then look no further than our 2024 Pack Pass! With access to over 100 live events and monthly virtual challenges, the pass offers the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and push yourself beyond your limits. As a member, you'll enjoy discounts on adventure travel and receive exclusive merchandise to commemorate your achievements. Join the pack today and start living life to the fullest!

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Pass FAQs

Does the Pass really get me into 100+ events?

Yes. We host over 100 events a year and Pass members are automatically entered into every event. Don't worry, this list is not public and you do not get a DNF for events you do not attend. 

Do I need to print or have a physical pass?

No. You are more than welcome to print or screenshot your confirmation but once you receive the followup email you are automatically entered into our system.

Do I need to RSVP or sign up for events?

No. Occasionally, if we add a new event or are considering a new event we will ask for a courtesy RSVP but it is not required. 

Do I need to bring my bib back to every race?

Yes. Your bid is intended to be reusable and it becomes a treasure to most Pass members but we will give you another bib if you lose it or forget it. 

Do I get a medal?

Yes. Pass members get one custom medal per season (Spring/Sumer-Fall/Winter). You also get one custom race sticker to place on our medal, bib, or wherever at each individual event. These become quite the collectors item. 

Race shirts?

Pass members do not get a "free" race shirt but we "sell" them at our cost. Prime members get free shipping on race shirts in our Amazon store. There are two designs for each event that come in a multitude of sizes and colors. Shirts are shipped directly to your house. You do not pick them up at the races. 

Do I really get discounts on gear and travel?

Yes. Pass members get access to the Wolf Den. The Wolf Den is a secret shop page only available to members. The items in the Den are not damaged or defective. We choose seasonal items, new items, or gear that we find fun. The Den is updated on the first of every month. Members get 10% off all travel. Last year we took several members to the top of 18,500 foot Pico De Orizaba and we plan on returning to Southern Mexico in 2024.

I heard I can bring friends and family.

True. We have a "bring a friend" day each season. This season's (Spring) Bring a Friend Day is at General Butler State Park in Kentucky on June 1. Members can bring kids (under 16) free to any event. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Leashed, well behaved, pets are always welcome. We have several dogs that have become part of the family!

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