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Are the events competitive and timed?

Yes. Every event is accurately timed. We use photo timing backed up by hand timing. Occasionally, we use chip timing. Chip timing does not work great in all locations and unless you are worried about milliseconds it does not really make much of a difference. We record everyone's time down to the second. Runners/walkers/participants of all ability levels are welcome. We have a wide variety of participants but there is a healthy competitive spirit amongst all participants at every event. 

Do I get a race medal?

Yes. Pack Pass members get a custom bib, one season-specific race medal,  and a custom race sticker at each event. The sticker is designed to go on the bib or the race medal but can be used on a water bottle etc. First-time or individual registrants get a race medal and a sticker at each event. 

Race shirts?

Yes and no. After hundreds of races and thousands of participants, we have created the "perfect" solution. We decided to keep registration fees the same (last 5 years). Registration includes a medal, a custom race sticker, timing and posted results with a competitive points system with fun/valuable prizes, aid station support, product discounts, Pass upgrades, and more. So...we "sell" race shirts at cost in our Amazon store. You get a shirt in your size and in the color of your choice delivered straight to your house via free shipping with all the perks of Amazon for the price it cost us to produce the shirt. The website and your confirmation email has the corresponding links. 

Is the Course Marked?

YES! In fact, we mark 90% of the courses ourself. We use flagging, cones, cylinders, and Wolf Pack signs to mark the course. Maps are typically provided but not necessary. We explain all the course markings at the pre-race meeting. 


We understand life is life and things happen, so we expect the same understanding in return. We cannot issue refunds for injuries or a change of plans. If we have to cancel an event we will issue a refund or offer an upgrade within one week of the regularly scheduled event. We allow all registrants, with or without and excuse :) to defer to the next race, the next year, or the next decade. Simply email us and let us know what race/event you would like to attend as a replacement for your original. 

Can I bring friends/family?

All registrants and all Pack Pass members can bring as many friends and family members under the age of 16 to as many events as they want. We offer discounts for passes and individual registrations to anyone under the age of 18. Please send us an email for that discount information.  Pack Pass members can bring one friend or family member of any age to the seasonal "bring a friend" race. The specific race and dates are included in your Pass information.  Friends and family are always welcome and appreciated at the start/finish line. 

Am I running for a cause?

Can I bring my dog?

How big are the races?

Can I walk?

Can I wear headphones?


Bad weather?

Can I have a pacer?

What is the Pack Pass?

You are always running for a cause! We are a for-profit (some times!) company but we do contribute to several causes. We are proud supporters of the Ohio State Parks Foundation, the National Parks Foundation, the Food Bank, and we give to various local and community projects. We do not accept donations for these organizations/projects on our site as we want 100% of all proceeds to benefit the cause. You can donate directly to each organization, there are donation links for each organization on our website and in your confirmation email.

Yes. Friendly, leashed dogs, cats, ferrets, and other pets (no Komodo Dragons) are welcome at all events. 

Well, we cannot say. Some are pretty good sized and others are small. Our Pack Pass members do not need to register for individual events so we never really know how many participants will come to a specific event. We do not cancel the event or change the timing structure based on attendance. The point system and Wolf Pack running community keep even the smallest event competitive and fun. 

Yes. Typically, the race course opens at 10 am and the finish line closes at 4 pm. Sprint, run, walk, or crawl at any point in between! 

Yes. Just listen to the prerace meeting! Our on-course directions are visual not audible. 

You can register online, on the day of (most events), in person, with cash or credit. You can ask us to include or not include you in public race registration details/results. We score overall results, not male-female-age. You can individually sort those out on our website, but we do not categorize results in that manner. 

Rain or shine! If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable or the hangover and the sleet are keeping you in bed you can defer to the next day, week, month, or year. Email us. No questions, no problems!

Yes. Thats it. No rules.  

With The Pass, you get access to a full year of trail running, adventure races, one-day challenges, and fun runs. Our Pass eliminates the hassle of registration for each individual event. As part of our team, simply show up for the events that work for you. Join us today and experience the thrill of running in the great outdoors.

Do I have to run for 6 hours in the 6 hours of Power?

No. You need to run four 5K loops to officially complete the event. 

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